Google Glass and Fashion

         Google glass may not be the most fashionable look for your outfit, but it can accomplish very cool tasks. Google glass would be able to live stream fashion shows and show collections. You could be able to watch fashion tutorials and rate and comment on the fashion and quality of the video. If you aren’t able to attend a fashion show, just log into the glass group and you can watch the show from the models or viewers perspective. 



Grunge Fashion #2

I thought i would continue on my grunge fashion post and give you guys a celebrity example of a girl with great grunge fashion. My favorite fashion icon and favorite celebrity, Taylor Mumson. 

Here is an example of one of her grunge looks! ImageI

In this look she is showing the grunge fashion with her ripped tights and oversized band tee. I love this rocker grunge chic look because you can really mold it around your personal style!

Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoy this grunge fashion as much as i do!