~*Grunge Fashion*~

I wanted to blog today about a new trend in indie fashion, but first i wanted to apologize for abandoning my blog. But I’m back now and here is a new trend that i am so glad has started! 

     Its called grunge fashion! it is a rocker kind of indie style and is super fun and punky with still being fashion forward! here is an example of a grunge fashion outfit! 


  The aspects of this outfit that are essential for the grunge look are, 

~the highwaisted ripped jean shorts that must be distressed 🙂

~ the slouchy sweater, this makes the outfit look laid back but also fashionable

~ last but not least a long necklace to pull everything together, in this photo it is a cross, but it can be anything that is long and a darker color. 

  Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and please leave comments on subjects you would like me to cover below and i will make more posts with your wonderful ideas! Thank you! 




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