DIY an old denim shirt!!!

      ~~~~~So I’m on the new craze of DIY everything! so today i will show you how to make an old denim shirt a staple piece!~~~~~

  1. Find an old denim shirt to use!!!                                       Image                           
  2. Put on the shirt and start tracing the pattern you want. Cut off the sleeves to make it a cute tank top. Then you can cut the bottom of your shirt to the desired length, only if you want it cropped!Image
  3. Time for bleach!! Now you can dip die your t shirt in a tupperware filled 1/2 way with bleach, and leave in for as long as your desired color. Image

   4.   Studding?! feel free to add studs anywhere you feel it would add a little extra! I like doing studding on the pockets or sleeves! Now enjoy your new beautiful staple piece!!!


~~~~~Hope you enjoy your new cool vest, let me know about new ideas you would like me to cover and give tips on!~~~~~



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