DIY an old denim shirt!!!

      ~~~~~So I’m on the new craze of DIY everything! so today i will show you how to make an old denim shirt a staple piece!~~~~~

  1. Find an old denim shirt to use!!!                                       Image                           
  2. Put on the shirt and start tracing the pattern you want. Cut off the sleeves to make it a cute tank top. Then you can cut the bottom of your shirt to the desired length, only if you want it cropped!Image
  3. Time for bleach!! Now you can dip die your t shirt in a tupperware filled 1/2 way with bleach, and leave in for as long as your desired color. Image

   4.   Studding?! feel free to add studs anywhere you feel it would add a little extra! I like doing studding on the pockets or sleeves! Now enjoy your new beautiful staple piece!!!


~~~~~Hope you enjoy your new cool vest, let me know about new ideas you would like me to cover and give tips on!~~~~~



DIY High waisted Shorts!!

             ~~~~~As you have probably already guessed, this is my first blog post ever! I am so excited to be blogging and sharing my indie ideas with you. I have decided to share with you the steps to perfect DIY high waisted shorts! Lets get started!~~~~~ 

  1. The first thing you will need is a pair of strait leg, high waisted jeans. You may want to get a consignment or used pair to achieve the more warn or distressed look (you can get some at a good will or consignment store).Image
  2. Time for the Scissors! try on you jeans and dash a line going from the side of your thigh directly to your crotch. The jeans should be lower in the crotch and higher on the sides. Be sure to make them to a length you are comfortable with! you can always take more off if you want. Once you have drawn the dashed line on the front and back of one pant leg, take them off and cut along the line.  Image

      3. Now its time to trace! Take the pant leg tat is fully cut and flip it on top of the uncut leg so that you can trace the other pant leg in the same length and patter. Once the other side is traced, cut away! 


      4. Ready for distressing? Once your jeans are cut into shorts, you will see tiny white strings coming off the bottom of your shorts where you cut them. Take your fingers of tweezers, and pull the white strings until they wont go further without breaking. You will start to see the bottom of your shorts get the ratted look your going for! for an extra ratted look, throw them in the wash and dryer and they should fray more and more with time. Image

      5. More rips? to make holes and rips, start by cutting a horizontal line in the place you want to rip, the line should be as long as you want the rip to be. Then cut the same length line an 1/2 inch below the first one. Next turn your jeans inside out, and look for the blue, be sure there not white, strings and pull them. They should just come strait out and leave you with the white string.  Do this to the whole length of the rip so there are no more blue strings, only white! Do this anywhere you want rips in your shorts! Image

     6. Bleach, bleach, bleach!! Get a Tupperware container that you don’t mind ruining, and some Clorox bleach. fill the Tupperware container halfway with bleach. Dunk the shorts halfway  in the bleach and leave for about an hour. Keep checking them until they are your desired color. When you take them out, before washing them, brush the bleach up with a toothbrush to make the line fuzzy as opposed to strait across. After you are done, hand wash them to get the majority of bleach out, and then wash and dry them! Image

      7. ENJOY!!!!!! Enjoy your new beautiful jean shorts!!!!


~~~~~I Hope you guys enjoy! Feel free to share your opinions on this and future posts! Hope this helped!~~~~~